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Head's update 4th November 2022

4th November 2022

Dear Parents/Carers 

Students have returned to school this week very sensibly and with purpose. I have spoken to many of them this week and have been blown away by their maturity and composure. Year 11s have begun their very important mock exams; they have approached them brilliantly and the other year groups have been sensitive to their needs in the parts of school where exams are taking place. Many thanks to them for this.

In my letter before half term I talked about the expectations in school regarding attendance, punctuality and uniform. I’ve been pleased this week with the falling number of students who are late to school. Attendance has been slightly better this week, but there is still room for improvement. Please see the graphic below to understand our expectations. 

 image 1 v2

image 5

I would also like to remind you of what I wrote in my letter about uniform and ask for your full support in this.  Students are expected to be Prepared for Excellence. Please find below some reminders of key information that we use and follow everyday in school as we endeavour to Be Extraordinary.


Students must wear the correct uniform. For clarification on what this is see the school website. Deviation from what is expected will not be tolerated and students will be sanctioned. If your child requires dispensation for items of uniform due to medical reasons, we must have the relevant medical evidence to support this.

It is important that students wear shoes and not trainers (see the school website for clarification on what constitutes a shoe). We recognise it can be difficult to replace uniform in the current climate and as such we hold a supply of spare uniform and shoes in school; these are loaned to students to ensure they are compliant with our expectations. Our website also explains our stance on jewellery, piercings and hair colours / styles.


A plain, warm and weatherproof coat may be worn to and from school and outside the school buildings in inclement weather. Hoodies or other sweaters (this includes round-neck sweaters) may not be worn at all and will be confiscated. No coats, hoodies or sweaters (other than the uniform pullover) may be worn beneath the blazer at any time.

To avoid conflict and issues please read our website and understand our stance on uniform.

Thank you for your continued support

Yours faithfully


I Moreton