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kingswinford academy pupil premium

Pupil Premium (including Catch Up Funding)

At Kingswinford Academy, all members of staff, including LAB members, accept the responsibility of ensuring that Pupil Premium Grant is used effectively to support the progress of and narrow the achievement gap for those students who qualify for this funding.

Pupil Premium Grant

The Pupil Premium Grant is allocated in addition to the main funding a school receives. It is targeted at students from disadvantaged backgrounds to help ensure they benefit from the same opportunities as students from less deprived families. From September 2016, the premium will be worth £955 per student who at any point in the past 6 years have been in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM); £2,345 per student who is in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, an English Local Authority or who has left care under adoption, Special Guardianship order, or Child Arrangements order (previously known as a Residence order); finally £310 per student whose parent/parents recorded as Ever 6 service children or are in receipt of a child pension from the MoD. 

This grant is aggregated for use in the most cost effective way to provide support for all of these children and may be spent in the following ways:

  • for the purposes of the school; that is, for the educational benefit of pupils registered at that school
  • for the benefit of pupils registered at other maintained schools or academies
  • on community facilities; for example, services whose provision furthers any charitable purpose for the benefit of pupils at the school or their families, or people who live or work in the locality in which the school is situated.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-2023 (including catch up premium)


This statement details our school’s use of pupil premium (and recovery premium for the 2022 to 2023 academic year) funding to help improve the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils.

It outlines our pupil premium strategy, how we intend to spend the funding in this academic year and the effect that last year’s spending of pupil premium had within our school.

School overview



School name

Kingswinford Academy

Number of pupils in school


Proportion (%) of pupil premium eligible pupils


Academic year/years that our current pupil premium strategy plan covers (3 year plans are recommended)

2021/2022 to 2024/2025

Date this statement was published


Date on which it will be reviewed


Statement authorised by

Ian Moreton


Pupil premium lead

Emma Dodds

Deputy Headteacher

Governor / Trustee lead

Richard Gill

Funding overview



Pupil premium funding allocation this academic year


Recovery premium funding allocation this academic year


Pupil premium funding carried forward from previous years (enter £0 if not applicable)


Total budget for this academic year

If your school is an academy in a trust that pools this funding, state the amount available to your school this academic year