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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) & Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) are vital components for every student at KIngswinford Academy. 

Our ambitious curriculum aims to enable our students to embrace the challenges of modern life with confidence on their journey to become happy and successful young people. 


Through a comprehensive and carefully considered curriculum, we aim to:

  • Build character, resilience and self-efficacy
  • Develop students who can make informed decisions about their well-being, health and relationships
  • Create young people who embrace challenge and feel confident when doing so
  • Equip our students’ with the knowledge and capability to foster their well-being and to know how to get support
  • Teach rights, respect and responsibility to prepare our young people to become good adult citizens within British society
  • Strengthen our students’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance 
  • Develop our students’ age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate relationships and sex education
  • Create a school community that nurtures a positive and inclusive culture where students uphold our school values of being ready, respectful and safe

PSHE & RSE is delivered in a variety of ways including through daily form time lessons, assemblies, specialist delivery events and focus weeks. 


Using expertly curated and regularly updated content from Jigsaw (PSHE Education Provider) and Votes for Schools (Weekly Debate Provider) we have built a curriculum that enables us to adapt to our local context and to meet the individual needs of our students.


For further information regarding each of these programmes please click on the links below.


Content and Delivery Structure:


Our PSHE and RSE curriculum is fully compliant with all statutory RSE requirements and includes opportunities to explore British values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development at increasing depth as students advance through each year group. The spiral curriculum design enables us to explore common themes during house assemblies, on house google classrooms and during form time. 


PSHE & RSE includes topics such as:

  • Global citizenship
  • Emotional literacy
  • Life in modern Britain and British values
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education
  • Online risks - influences including technology & social networks
  • Sexual harassment, sexual violence and bullying
  • Keeping healthy - mental health, relationships & sex education
  • Body image & relationships with food
  • Careers, managing finances & exam preparation 

Our focus on British values and life in modern Britain aims to ensure students understand their place in the community, Britain and globally. We progressively look at democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. 


We aim to challenge preconceptions and stimulate meaningful discussions with and between students to ensure our young people are ready to play their part in modern Britain.



Form tutors will provide personalised verbal feedback at regular intervals throughout the year to guide the students’ progress and address any misconceptions during PSHE & RSE lessons.

Students complete a baseline assessment of the ‘big question’ at the beginning of a topic and return to this at the end of the topic to enable teachers and students to measure the level of understanding and progress for every topic.

Students also complete an end-of-topic assessment which challenges students on their understanding of each key theme and enables previous topics to be revisited to ensure knowledge is interleaved and embedded. 


Right to Withdraw:


It is mandatory for RSHE to be taught in all schools. Parents have a right to request that their child is withdrawn from some or all sex education lessons (but not lessons on relationships or lessons as part of the science curriculum) up to and until 3 terms before their child turns 16. To do this you must seek permission from the Headteacher. Following a conversation with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher, except in exceptional circumstances, the parent’s wishes will be respected.


The Government statutory guidance regarding RSE can be found here


Further information related to our school setting and individual topic areas for this academic year can be found here.


Parent Access:


At Kingswinford Academy, we believe that collaboration and communication with parents and carers is fundamental to supporting every student’s journey in education. Our carefully considered and age-appropriate RSE curriculum encourages the development of safe and healthy relationships throughout life. However, if after viewing the curriculum overview below you would like to see further teaching materials for an upcoming topic please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this for you.


Curriculum Information Overview 2023-24:


Programme Overview 2023-24


Jigsaw Information


Votes for Schools Information

Long Term Plan


Please click here for our Long Term plan



PSHE activities promote the use of a wide variety of skills: independent research, collaboration, debate, group work, public speaking, delegation of tasks, enterprise activities and development of ICT/multimedia resources. Students will have opportunities to develop SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) skills, SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) intelligence and PLTs (Personal Learning and Thinking Skills).


For all students attitude to learning only is reported, as there are no levelled assessments. Form Tutors will provide personalised feedback at regular intervals throughout the year to guide the students’ progress and address any misconceptions during PSHE lessons.