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extracurricular activities and clubs at kingswinford academy

Extracurricular Activities

Character 50 Challenge

The Character 50 challenge gives students the opportunity to learn new skills as part of a house competition. Students take responsibility for their own progress, completing these activities at home.

The Character 50 Challenge is constantly evolving and you can view the latest list of activities here.

Character 50 activities

The WAT Pledge

We endeavour to stretch, challenge and develop students academically, socially and personally. Therefore, we pledge to offer and expose all students to the following opportunities in order for them to become more successful in life:

  • Become a first aider

  • Raise money for charity

  • Visit the sea

  • Take part in a residential

  • Visit a theatre/museum

  • Present to more than 30 people

  • Take part/perform in a musical or sporting event/activity

  • ‘sleep under the stars’

  • Take part in a Duke of Edinburgh style expedition

  • Visit a historical landmark

  • Visit a higher education establishment

  • Take part in a work-based experience

Since its launch in 2017, the pledge has provided our students with extraordinary opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Active Learning Week, whole school enrichment and various subjects offer a variety of learning environments and we guarantee all of our students the opportunity to complete the pledge in their five year school career.