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Scholarship Programme

At Kingswinford Academy, we strive to nurture and challenge our students’ personal potential and to support their area of expertise by providing opportunities to become extraordinary!

The principle of our Scholarship Programme is to recognize the excellence of our incoming Year 7 students within Art, Dance, Languages, Music and Sport and provide opportunities beyond our curriculum provision that will support students in becoming extraordinary throughout their time with us.

Students who already have a place at Kingswinford Academy may apply to become scholars in one or more of these areas and will gain access to enhanced opportunities, experiences and resource to grow their skills and build a passion for their area of expertise.

Once selected, students will experience working with our own specialised teachers on projects that will extend their skills, knowledge and ability. Alongside this, scholars will work with external partnerships and professionals within the Arts, Languages and Sports Industries. Students will have the chance to go on excursions and attend workshops that will further enhance their ability and they will also explore careers linked to their chosen area of expertise.

Some of the partnerships we have had this year are working with the Resonance team at Dudley Performing Arts; Wolves Academy; Pineapple Studios in London; Paralympic athletes; the Cast of Mamma Mia; World Champions in Kickboxing; and professional graffiti and animation artists to name but a few.

Art Scholars

Kingswinford Academy photography by Alex Wilkinson Media 315 of 515This year our Art Scholars:

  • Received an Art subscription box to support their artistic flair
  • Worked with a professional graffiti artist on our Performance mural
  • Worked on an animation with an Artist in Residence and then presented their work in Birmingham at a Windsor Academy Trust led Exhibition
  • Showcased their work in our local community

 To apply for an Art Scholarship next year you will need to submit two drawings from observation. You will also be asked to share a portfolio of any other work via an e-portfolio

Language Scholars (French)

Kingswinford Academy photography by Alex Wilkinson Media 94 of 515Our French Scholars have worked with our specialists in creating poetry, cooked some French cuisine, sung songs originating from France and have also done their own research which has resulted in them creating their own quizzes. All of this is fabulous preparation for their trip to France.

To apply for a Language Scholarship you should submit video of a short spoken presentation about yourself, delivered in French. 

Music Scholars

Kingswinford Academy photography by Alex Wilkinson Media 211 of 515The Music Scholars have enjoyed performing in many ensembles including choir, our school band and their scholarship band. They have performed at numerous events throughout the year both within our school and across our community. Scholars have had mentoring sessions and workshops to further their achievement in grade exams and our top scholars have instrumental tuition paid for them until they leave our school. Recently they visited 'Resonance' which is a multi million pound purpose built Music centre to record with professionals within the Music Industry. They then toured Black Country Radio to gain an insight into a range of Music careers.

To apply for a Music scholarship you should record a video clip of yourself performing on your chosen instrument (this can also include the voice). You may also submit copies of grade certificates should you have them.

Dance Scholars

dance therapyThe Dance Scholars have performed at numerous events at Kingswinford throughout the year. They have also gained experience from working with dancers within the industry, such as one of the cast from Mamma Mia. The Scholars have danced at Pineapple Studios and danced with a leading Dance teacher within our local community.

To apply for a Dance scholarship you should submit a video of a dance performance and portfolio of evidence regarding your dance achievements. Evidence can be certificates, evidence of trophies and competitions won, letters from academies/teams to confirm position and current level of performance.

Sports Scholars

Kingswinford Academy photography by Alex Wilkinson Media 185 of 515Our Sports Scholars have gained experience in their own area of expertise as well as developing a range of skills in other sports. They have worked with the Wolves Academy team and have had an afternoon with the Academy in a training session. The scholars have worked with the Wolves Community team in understanding how they can become involved in sport after Year 11, as well as giving advice to further their elite skills. Students have represented our school in fixtures and have led activities in their lesson time to support other students and to give them experiences of being a coach.

Our scholars have worked alongside professional sports stars and paralympic world and olympic medalists and have had opportunities to train with leading coaches in a range of sports.

To apply to become a Sports Scholar you should submit a video of your performance in a chosen sport alongside a portfolio of other evidence (this can be certificates, evidence of trophies and competitions won, letters from academies/teams to confirm position etc.)

How to Apply

Scholarship applications are now open to students who have an offer of a place at Kingswinford Academy to join Year 7 in September 2022. Details on how to submit applications will be given to all Year 7s in the first week of the Autumn Term. The deadline for submissions is Friday 23rd September 2022 so you can start preparing your application pieces and materials now!

Note that Scholarship applications and offers are not part of the school admissions process and are only available to students who have already secured a place at Kingswinford Academy.