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School Uniform

Why is school uniform important?

School uniform is extremely important at our school and something we take great pride in. It supports good discipline and positive student behaviour by removing distraction and challenges in the classroom that relate to clothing and footwear.

When all students follow a uniform, this reduces the degree of bullying and teasing regarding the latest fashions in school and enables all students to appear equal. Furthermore, many families have a restricted budget and school uniform approaches enable schools to support those in need without identifying those students and families, and through a trusted supplier.

School uniforms promote positive safeguarding. Students are identifiable both in and out of school and this helps all professionals to support students and rapidly identify the school should the need arise and in emergencies.

School uniforms promote a sense of community and should be a point of pride. Kingswinford Academy is well known and respected in our community and our students are the best ambassadors of this school. We want their positive behaviour and ethos to be identifiable in and out of school to help build on that sense of community and belonging.

This is vital for the personal development of all students. Their appearance reflects on the reputation of the student body as a whole and the school in general. The smarter our students appear, the more positive our community’s opinion is of them and the more supportive and friendly our neighbours are towards them.

You can view our school uniform guide below.

School uniform guide